Iba Olorun Eledumare; Akoda, Aseda Orun Oludaiye Omo eniyan ati Aseda Ohungbobo. Olumoran lotun, Okoran losi, iwo nikan soso ni a’ juba fun loni, Aju wa se o Ase…..

Eje kajo gbe, ko gun rege.
O di owo wa
Ile Yoruba di owo wa
Ooduwayitemi tire ni
Ooduwa yi ti gbogbo wa ni

O di owo wa
Ile aiye di owo wa
Ile aiye yi temi tire ni
Ile Yoruba ti gbogbo wa ni.
Oodua ! Ile Yoruba Oni Baje O !!!

The Yoruba are remarkably advanced and famously urban Negroid race originating from the guinea forest of west Africa but also flourishing in the Caribbean and the Americans as the migratory result of the Trans Atlantic slave of the 19th century as well as in Europe and other migration.

The Yoruba civilization has been flourishing for about a thousand years starting from the ancient as origin, the historic city of Ile-Ife regarded as Yoruba holy city, sacred headquarters and throne of the trustee of the jointly owned military sophistication represented by the great Oyo Empire and now the modern commercial cities of lagos, Ibaan, Ilorin etc. all within a vast Land space, the bulk of which today constitutes the west of southern Nigeria. In the scope of its activities, past, present and future of the over40 million Yoruba people of Nigeria as well as the greater million of Brazilians, Civilization is rooted in the as the biological descendants of a human progenitor (Oduduwa), speak the language, Yoruba, spoken by well over 70 million people as one of Africa’s three leading language (Africa’s largest concentration) economic achievement. Land space, human and mineral resource (60% of Nigeria’s intellectual and technical manpower) they are capable of being one of the most economically viable and civilly advanced people in the modern world if well harnessed. This agenda to develop our ancestral home start now to de-emphasize energy-sapping political acrimonies that are unproductive. This agenda which our late esteem leader, people in Nigeria and in the Diaspora so help us God. For the Nigeria Yoruba, the need for the IFYCY is self evidence in these times which mark a crucial stage of our social-economic, social-culture, and political existence as a people.

The IFYCY YORUBA WORLD YOUTH CENTRE is coming at a time of great doubts, as to what the future holds in stock for this otherwise urbane and prosperous race. The old are weary of the present. The Yoruba youths are dreadful of the future. The tremendous period through which contemporary Yoruba have passed has chronically been marked by many misfortunes and disappointments a century after the loss of the indigenous self rule. The lots of the Yoruba as a nation has mostly been political relegation, nightmarish experience brought about by the ever-depending social-constitutional skirmishes inherent in the Nigeria arrangement. How a Oyo, Osun, Ekiti and Ondo to the mid lands of Kwara and Kogi, with counsin in the republic of Benin, Togo, Brazil and the Caribbean as well as African-American with a profoundly sophisticated culture and economic, will resuscitate into a sustainable renaissance for a turn preoccupation of the IFYCY.

The centre must celebrate the new millennium of vision, collectively, unity sacrifice discipline, futurism, and foresight. The IFYCY is a sober acknowledgment of the historical reality that only, deep concern and ensure that the Yoruba civilization that have failed and vanished sometimes unsung or when sung merely as museum fossils. The IFYCY under the hopefully would be the appropriate channel for the Yoruba re-orientation, re-branding, re-vitalization and rebirth. The Yoruba concept of Alajobi, Omoluabi and brotherhood. This hope is in informed by thinking that the solution to the problems of the Yoruba lies in our hand as the future generation, if at all, in rash hostility to any perceived external caused. But more in moral reorientation and culture re-awakening by means of permanent platform for the discussion of common problems, interdisciplinary for youth guidance, projection of native tradition, charity to the needy and emphasis on self help.

These are the only viable vehicle for personal and group progress rather than suffocating in a dormant pool of cheap technocratic and intellectual know-how await state patronage to no avail. For the rest of the of the Yoruba worldwide, it could not has come at a better time than now that the world, which has shrunk phenomenally into a global village is fast becoming a cultural world, the foundation of the future world. The door way of  which we have already stepped on, is going to be increasingly base on people hood already stepped on, is going to be increasingly based on people hood will be the basic of new global relations and the platform for the international projection of competing group interests, including the question of state-hood.

People-hood by the distinctive framework of culture, language, arts, moral artifact, innovation, invention and religious, thinking, productivity, entertainment, and tourism attractions qualitativley empowered and quantitatively significant population, sustainable urbanization and sophisticated world-views dynamically rolled into a living and self identity. And the identification index goes beyond individual attributes and his country’s passport into the realm of the culture represented in his personality. The Yoruba in Yoruba land and those in the Diaspora share a greater and more slave trade and colonial rule, which accounts for the different colours of their traveling passports. The IFYCY YWYC is being floated as the transcendental platform for the promotion and projection of this culture in a fast moving world has been recognized for a long time. The establishment of the UNESCO by the UNITED NATIONS is an unequivocal testimony to those realization, and sustain-ability.

The IFYCY/YWYC is a aware that migration, economic hardship and political upheavals are getting permanently dislocating people worldwide. Many culture are getting lost as communities move in large shifts. Civilization dissolves into fragmentary relics as younger generations of races in difficult economic zones. These economic exiles seek first and foremost a speedy acclimatization with the host economy. Also the crystallization or attitude adaptation  based on self renaissance, transformation which tallies it will lead to a new formation of apartheid consciousness, language barriers and cultural adulteration towards their indigenous homegrown culture often led to backward alienation from the original culture. For instance, the ATLAS OF THE WORLD LANGUAGES predicts that within 100 years hence. Half of the 6,000 languages that exist today will face extinction. It translates to the loss of 3,00 languages. In other words, 3,000 culture will vanish in the coming century, three Thousand ethnic people will lose their identities, arts folklore, masquerades, legend respect for elders, social cohesion, world views, philosophies oracles and have nothing to hold into, the above prediction seems too astonishing to imagine, it should be remembered that over 1,000 languages have already been lost in the past 500 years. In fact, in the Alaska (a state in the United State) of the 20 native languages only 2 are still being learned by children. Papua New Guiness has 155 languages by now with fewer than 300 speakers each. In Australia, of the 200 languages yet to vanish only 5 have more than 10 speakers (135 languages have fewer than 10 speakers each). The INDEPENDENT OF LONDON laments as follow: “it is not just the languages themselves that are disappearing. Entire literary traditions, birth Oral and written, unique system of though and life styles, languages as the cornerstone of thousands of human culture terms.
The IFYCY will ensure that the Yoruba civilization does not suffer this kind of fate and fatal crush, it is to ensure in leaps and bound to become a thriving culture and civilization of the generation now, and the yet unborn generation.
We laconically advice the entire Nigeria irrespective of their geopolitical zones to do everything best within their capacity to guide jealously and preserve their endowed aesthetic culture and language in a new emerging world culture from abrupt disintegration and extinction, so that the generation yet unborn can speak their mother tone and dialect language with pride an iota ill-will or mix-feeling  


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